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The Holy Mother of Bleeding Knots

The Holy Mother of Bleeding Knots

The Holy Mother of Bleeding Knots is a handmade limited edition of artworks which blends the artist’s dark aesthetics and the sacred world, thanks to a long research by the artist on the martyrdom of saints in the Christian religion and to a careful observation of today's and ancient society, where sins are committed in honor of power and money. This aspect is represented with the barbed wire, which is full of knots that symbolize the sins.

The thorns are twisted on the holy Virgin who instead is pure, sacred and free of sins, scratching and cutting her body. However, thanks to her purity and wisdom, her soul is not corrupted and she spreads protection and blessing through the sacred songs.


Limited edition artworks, only 33 pieces.

Virgin Mary music box statue, plastic, vintage barbed wire,

Hand painted



2021, signed and numbered


Custom made box with sealing wax 

Packed and shipped safely with care 


Dark anthracite gray


*The scratches aren’t meant to be considered flaws but instead are part of the handmade process.

Production time can take up to three weeks.


The shipments of all products purchased are insured, in case of damage or loss the customer is fully compensated.

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