On the sixteenth of March 1974, in the newborn birth department center of the Macedonio Melloni hospital in Milan, my mother Mafalda Fojeni gave birth to a newborn who unfortunately was born with a serious ill.
The creature had serious complications, a strangling hernia that forced him to experience emergency surgery and kept him under observation and  isolation in an incubator for several months.
That was my first of many encounters with Death...
Darkness, suffering and obscurity were, after the light of life, the strongest sensations that a newborn being could perceive in his soul.
Today I am still alive and I thank every day me terrible moments and a deadly disease that has always taught me the importance of the joy of living.
Thanks to this condition, in everyday life I search for the light within myself and in the creatures of the planet such as animals, plants and children who very easily perceive the purity of human beings,
much more than the people themselves.
My aesthetics has fundamental characteristics that are based on my past experiences of death and life over the centuries. My elements are water and blood which have mixed since the beginning of my evolution
They have passed through the cells and matter of the cosmos to this day.
The process that develops my works of art starts from an idea and a concept present in the mind, embracing elements permeated with romanticism, such as love, Death, sex, Light and physical and mental suffering.
Thanks to a miracle that allows humans to physically create whatever they think of, my works of art manifest themselves to the joy or melancholy of your eyes.
This miracle is performed by any person in everyday life when they cook, draw, paint, cut hair or make a good coffee.
Thanks to human awareness we recognize these actions as miracles and perceive the joy of living in the simplicity of being.
From a young age I was introduced the delightful art of reading, thanks to the passion of Teodora"Dorina" Pelle, my grandmother.
My passionate search for the aesthetics of beauty derives from my continuous personal and artistic evolution which pushes me to find new inspirations and fundamentals for expression of Art.
What you are see is the fruit of half a century in this life and hundreds in past ones... all this is the result and manifestation of what I am and what i will be in a continuous mental and physical evolution.
My art is NEO Modern Classical and draws on the magnificence of the works produced by Nature first and foremost (the perfect artist, no one can match the shapes, colours, smells and flavors of this divinity which is not subject to
to the laws of space and time.) and by artists from prehistoric times up to the 70s.

What I produce and develop is for YOUR EYES only. I want to provoke you and shock your brain cells to make you think and reflect on the miracle of creating my artworks.
The aesthetic characteristics and my artistic canons have always been plagiarized in different declinations (designs, collages, statues and patterns) trying to imitate the gestures and virtuosity that make my work magical,
unfortunately with bad results. As I mature as a man and an artist, I am not interested in forms of plagiarism related to my art but when my arts are imitated by brands or artists I am flattered and I understand that I have overcome the
discipleship period.
My aesthetics draws on different declinations but has no connection with the evil, the diabolical and the iniquitous. If your eyes see these elements you are kindly requested not to recognize them because the
sin is in the eye of the beholder.
I am simply seeking and finding beauty in the characteristics of Life and art around us.

Love Yourself by any means necessary.