The works of art created since the early 2000s are all conceived and conceived thanks to the artist's experiences gained in half a century of life. In his numerous trips abroad to the underground and counterculture realities of his favorite disciplines such as skateboarding, aerosol art, editorial and international comics culture, he learned from the masters of these sectors the techniques and philosophies to elaborate them with his aesthetics, disseminating them with his works. of him.
All artwork in any artistic declination must be accompanied by signed authentication, dated with all the information provided by the artist's studio. (Panic Room)

Works of art that do not include this information may be considered forgeries or plagiarisms.

Owners of Andrea FACE Facelli's works of art who do not have documents of authenticity are asked to write an email attaching a photo of the work to receive the necessary documentation.


The rights originating from the creation of an intellectual work, regulated and protected by the copyright law (l.d.a.) n. 633/41 and subsequent amendments, have a dual nature, also called hybrid nature.

In fact, each work, the fruit of human creativity and intellect, gives rise to a series of moral rights and patrimonial rights.

In case of violation, the consequences depend on the nature of the violated right.