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FACE'S fuct Archive 1991-2024

FACE'S fuct Archive 1991-2024

During the artist's life FACE undertook several trips to the USA and in particular to California and Los Angeles. The passion for the counterculture of skateboarding made him live in those places and meet masters of various disciplines and arts. In those years he met 'Erik Brunetti and Slick (fuct company) in their X-Fuct shop.

His travels continued to California for many years to purchase clothing and accessories which became cult objects in Milan and Italy.

Thanks to his vision which anticipated over time ideas, concepts on street wear graphics and clothing,

I began to collaborate with the brand. The most striking project was that of Fuct's book with Rizzoli International together with the cataloging of the tees archive which are not in the possession of the brand's CEO and designer.

From the 2000s to today, the Californian brand's ideas and concepts for skate decks and clothing thanks to FACE made a difference in the world of streetwear fashion in thee past as nowdays.

The FACE artist's unique and original style is extremely recognizable and has always been ahead of its time. Its sinister romantic aesthetic permeates many of the brand's clothing designs.

In his private collection there are the first printed fuct t-shirts from 1991, bought in various skate shops and concept stores in different countries around the world (United States, Australia, Japan, Italy, Europe)

Many of the t-shirts in the archive were photographed by my friend and colleague Sha Ribero (@sha___ribeiro) and are cataloged and present in the Rizzoli publication (fuct) which, thanks to FACE's knowledge and previous working relationships, the project was proposed to company and approved to be marketed.

The collection is sold exclusively in bulk and includes 38 items all in excellent condition (patches, stickers, pins, tee shirts, trousers, sweatshirts and embroidered caps.
The book signed by Den one aka Erik Brunetti is a one-of-a-kind item and is part of the sale lot.

4% of the total proceeds from the sale of the works will be donated to the OSF (Opera San Francesco) company for the help of the homeless and the needy which has been operating nationally and internationally since 1959. I have been an active volunteer since my early years in the canteen and shower structure, I am now an independent volunteer with the approval of the Franciscan Friars.


Under no circumstances are the items sold separately.

Before purchasing the items from my archive, please contact my assistant Bianca for the necessary details for speed and logistics.

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