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Dash Snow Aka SACER IRAK Aereosol Bombing 2002

Dash Snow Aka SACER IRAK Aereosol Bombing 2002

Two artworks by artist Dashiell A. Snow aka SACER Irak (July 27, 1981 – July 13, 2009) was an American artist based in New York City are available upon request.[2] Snow's photographs included scenes of sex, drugs, violence, and the art world; his work often depicted the decadent lifestyle of young New York artists and their social circle. Two metal shutters of two shops painted by the artist in 2002 in Milan. (The first time he came to Italy he was introduced to me by Lorenzo di Pepe Rosso through Aaron Bondaroff because they stayed in the southern area of ​​the city where there were many tags and throws ups produced by Dash during his tenure.

The two works of art have legitimate authentication produced by a friend and fellow IRAK crew member. For further information on shipping details and price, please send an email to

I collected these two bombings because I was fascinated by the enthusiasm and desire to express the talent that the energy of Dash released, a very young and humble boy with an anger against the system and its rules that he loved to destroy with different artistic and personal disciplines ( photography, collage art, aerosol art, drugs, illegal stuff etc)

I pay homage and respect for having taught me different artistic techniques in the meetings that took place in NYC, LA and Milan and in the social moments of leisure while searching for records or books. Rest In Peace Dash.

13% of the total proceeds from the sale of the works will be donated to the OSF (Opera San Francesco) company for the help of the homeless and the needy which has been operating nationally and internationally since 1959. I have been an active volunteer since my early years in the canteen and shower structure, I am now an independent volunteer with the approval of the Franciscan Friars.



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